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Canvas and Aluminum metal Prints

Canvas prints are supplied either stretched and wrapped around solid wood strecher frames or mounted on a solid surface with a frame, but no glass is provided, as this is not necessary for canvas.

Stretched canvas does not require a frame, and is not normally framed.

Very large canvas prints or murals are normally sent rolled up in a tube to save on shipping costs. Installation of canvas murals is left to the client or their agents.

Aluminum metal prints are mounted on either Finnish (Baltic) birch plywood or hardwood plywood. The thin venneer-like layers of Finnish birch plywood supply a decorative, background edge, so no frame is required.

All canvas prints are printed with archival pigmented inks and coated with UV resistant, archival non-yellowing clearcoats for moisture protection. Aluminun metal prints are produced as a dye sublimination coating on sheer aluminum.

Projected life of the materials is equal to archival silver halide photographic prints at this time. Pigmented inks and clear coatings have substantially improved since I first looked at them around 2000. I started offering canvas prints in 2007.

Canvas does have certain advantages over silver halide prints. First, while they are softer due to the weave of the canvas, the pigmented inks on canvas are slightly transluscent, which gives the print more depth.

Second, canvas doesn't reflect light like a silver halide print, there are no reflections. This provides a pleasing view from any angle.

Third, canvas does not require glass for protection, nor does it require non-glare glass to avoid reflections. While canvas can also be damaged, it can be repaired by a skilled retouching artist with acrylic paints. While retouching is possible on modern photographic prints, it is much more difficult.

For large photographic prints, the requirement of high quality glass for protection and viewing presents the problems of dealing with very expensive and fragile glass. Plexiglas or polycarbonate are poor solutions as they pick up scratches in time and can suffer from crazing.

Since most of my sales are large, 36" on one side or larger, I have found canvas is not only much more practical, they also look better on the wall.


Aluminum metal prints are a recent addition. For me, they are a solution to presenting highly reflective or lumenescent subjects with more drama and realism. Previously, this would have required a backlit transparency, which is very expensive. So I selectively use them on such subjects as neon or fireworks.


Canvas and metal prints are not part of the Art Print Program below.

Example Sreial Number Caption in border

Scott Kilgore Photography wildlife, Nature Photography, Racing Photography



We use a unique and very special process for numbering prints in each series. Our prints are not only hand signed and numbered (12x18 inch +); they are also numbered within each print. Each print has a caption near the edge or border of the print that may be shown or covered in framing. Mastered into the caption is the unique serial number of the print. This process requires a new master for each print, and each print must be printed separately and individually. This process ensures that there are never any duplicates of serial numbers. Since each print is printed individually, there can be slight differences in each print. This process makes each print essentially an original.

Any editing or minor modifications to the image are included in the serial number sequence. After printing each print is hand signed and numbered.

All 12 x 18 inch prints of an image have their own serial number series. If a print is made as an 11 x14, the serial number would be included consecutively in the series. (An 11x14 is unlikely since many of the 12 x 18 inch prints are intended for matting as 11 x 14, 12 x 16, or 12 x 18 inches. 20" and wider prints have their own series. As an example, if an image is produced as a 24 x30 inch print and as a 30 x 40 inch print both prints are in the same serial number sequence with different numbers.

12 x18 inch and larger prints are only produced as needed, usually as ordered or distributed to our galleries. Only one or two prints are kept in stock of each issued work. The maximum number of any image is a total of 999 prints in a series. We do not issue 2nd editions. There will be only one edition of any print series. Once a print is gone, it is gone and will not be re-issued it that size.

6 x 18 inch prints are not limited. They are signed, but are not serial numbered. They are printed in small runs of 6-12 prints to keep costs low. They are the same quality as our archival photographic prints, but are not individually mastered. This keeps costs down, yet these 6 x 18 prints are the quality you would receive as a high quality signed print from other fine artists.


All prints in the art print program are true silver halide archival photographic prints printed on digital photographic printers. We do not print any inkjet or Giclée (which are really inkjets) prints due to the poor durability and uncertain life of the materials.

The Kodak Endura Professional and Fuji Crystal Archive papers we use have a long established reputation for long life and durability. Print life in normal room light away from UV exceeds 100 years with under 20% fading. In a book or drawer, these prints have a rated life of 200 to as long as 400 years. Due to the fact that photographic printing is a wet printing process, these archival prints are water and humidity resistant.


Some prints include our exclusive Museum Cards ©. These informative cards have a thumbnail picture of the print, information about the subject, and are serial numbered along with the print. These photographic prints measure 5 x 7 inches, and are printed to the same standards as our archival prints. These cards are intended to to be framed and displayed with the artwork, as is done in a museum. There is no extra charge for the Museum Cards © when they are provided. Our Museum Cards © are added as a courtesy. Note that not all subjects are issued with Museum Cards © and they do not come with 6 x 18 inch prints.

Fine Art Print Series - hand signed and serial numbered, individually mastered with serial number imbedded in each print. An Artist's Statement comes with each print. Many prints come with a Museum Card©.

12x18 inch......................$95.00

12x24 inch....................$135.00

12x36 inch....................$155.00

24x30 inch (2-3 week lead time)....$480.00

24x36 inch (2-3 week lead time).....$495.00

Other sizes may be available on certain prints up to 30x90 inches.


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